"Cultural Enrichment Through the Art of Lion Dancing."
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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Some memorable moments enjoyed by members and friends of LQLionDance...

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The kickoff event for this year's Lion Dance performance started with the Microsoft CHIME Spring Festival. The video of this performance is at the end of this post...

This year, our role was to lead Steve Balmer, Microsoft CEO, onto the stage and dance with him on stage.

Steve's energy was amazing! We were all very excited to see him. Before the show, I got a chance to go over our routine with him and we took some pictures together.
Picture with Steve Balmer, Microsoft CEO

While waiting to get on stage, Steve wanted to try on our Lion...He was having such a blast. Steve Balmer doing Lion Dance

The crowd went wild when CHIME's VP announce Steve's appearance. On stage, Steve fed our lions with lucky red envelopes. In return, our Lions wished him and the 3000 attending audience Peace, Luck, and Prosperity in the year of the Cat (aka: Rabbit). Steve Balmer receiving and raising high the wishes of New Year 2011

After the show, we snatched one last group picture with Steve

Overall, we had another amazing experience performing for MS CHIME's Spring Festival. See you guys again next year!

Lunar New Year is here in about two weeks. Feb. 3 to be exact...Let the fun begin!!! AAArrrrr!!!!!

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Here is the video of that performance:

Video courtesy of mahadragon on Youtube.

Media Gallery - Image Gallery